Cocodamol Side Effects

Cocodamol Side Effects

Cocodamol is a combination of mainly two drugs and is generally used for relieving mild to moderate pain in patients. It may not be quite sufficient enough to tackle severe pains for which narcotics are used. Still the Cocodamol has its own types of side effects and some can even become serious.

This form of drug is quite widely used because of its simplicity in tackling the pain in the human body system. There are also a few cases of cocodamol side effects and they are mostly mild yet some may become serious enough needing immediate attention of the doctor. The medicine ought to be taken with caution if the person happens to be an elderly person.

The drug is a combination of codeine phosphate and paracetamol and has been frequently used for any type of pain be it small or moderate and not very serious in nature. One of the ingredients, the paracetamol has been in use for more than 100 years as a painkiller.

What Actually is Cocodamol?

The medicine works by reducing the production of prostaglandins which lies in the brain and the spinal chord. Studies have revealed that the body produces prostaglandins the moment it is injured or is attacked by disease causing microorganisms. The pain thus triggered reaches the brain after sensitizing the nerve cell. The ingredient paracetamol in cocodamol reduces the production of these prostaglandins and thus the nerves being not sensitized do not trigger the pain to the brain.

Cocodamol side effects can be irritating and there is always a danger of overdose while self medicating the drug. The problem must be reported to the physician the moment the person one or other types of problems or adverse affects.

However, the net affect of the working of prostaglandins in the body system is such that although the pain is there the body or the brain does not feel it or feel it less.

Effectiveness of Cocodamol as a Pain Killer

Thus, taking the medication would mean that the pain is not recognized by the brain and hence the relief is quite tremendous for the person. Codeine phosphate too is a pain killer yet much stronger as it belongs to the class of opioid. It works by mimicking the acts of the endorphins which is a naturally occurring and is found in the brain and the spinal chord.

Cocodamol - the tablet

The mimic action of codeine is such that it tries to imitate the natural endorphins by combining with receptors of the brain and the spinal chord. This again blocks the transmission of pain as the signal is not transmitted into the brain and the body hardly feels it although it is there in the place where the injury took place.

Cocodamol side effects are particularly severe and dangerous when the person acts on some machinery or drives a vehicle as he or she might fall drowsy which in fact, is one of the side effects of continuing with the medicine. Alcohol too can be dangerous to consume during the medication as it can lead to some more side effects. Besides, both together can cause the risk of liver damage.

Continued and frequent intake of the drug ought to be avoided as drugs are manufactured for the particular disease and the pain relating to them. Some people no matter what the actual pain try to consume the medication and this causes adverse reactions. Even more so when the drug is taken over a period of time it becomes less effective in reducing the pain.

Further, the sudden stoppage of the drug or for that any drug should be avoided as it results in withdrawal symptoms like restlessness and getting irritated at everything and anything might appear. It should be gradually stopped after consulting with the doctor.

Cocodamol Side Effects

In my previous post, I talked about clonidine side effects. Among the different side effects caused by cocodamal the most important ones are those that have been frequently seen and have been reported. These are mostly related to the long term consumption of the medicine. The most serious one is that when the body refuses to respond to the dosages of the drug and the pain remains as it is. For instance, taking cocodamol for headaches actually turns out that the headache instead of lessening has become even more severe.

Cocodamol Side Effects

Children below the age of 12 years if given a few doses of these it can create life threatening conditions for them. Even there can be problems for people who have slow shallow breathing or are asthmatic and epileptic. People who have under active thyroid should never use it as it may create complications and more side effects.

There have been reports of side effects like constipation, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath and difficulty in passing of urine. Besides, some people have known to have skin rash, pupils contracting and slowed heart rates. There can be other side like mood changes as the medication forces the receptors to combine with it and several disorders that can have devastating affect on the person. Hence, it is indeed true that cocodamol side effects are not to be taken lightly if pain doesn’t stop even while the medication continues.

Stay tuned for my next post on corticosteroids side effects.