How I Organise My Healthy Life

How I Organise My Healthy Life

How I Organise My Healthy Life

Having felt the huge benefits of living a Plant Based Life for some years now, it’s become a priority for me to organise my life to enable me to continue to reap the rewards of this life enhancing way of eating.

My life is busy! As Founder of The Tree of Health I have a long list of business goals requiring my attention, I also work one on one with a number of Private Clients, helping them to take care of their health and wellbeing. Responsibilities in my home life includes managing day to day household chores, supporting my partner with his business, taking care of a very high-energy dog(!), managing bills, shopping, cooking etc., and of course I also like to spend time with family and friends. There’s often little time left for my health and wellbeing, but I find the time because the alternative – sliding back into poor health and no energy – is something I wish to avoid at all costs.

So by getting really well organised with my life and schedule I can take care of my body. And I ‘plan’ on it staying that way.

It’s my opinion that if you do not take time to plan and organise your health and wellbeing, you are likely to fall short of achieving optimum health and wellness. Life will simply take over, and the repercussions of this generally point to poor health, daily ailments, weight gain, unhappiness, lack of energy, low confidence, anxiety and depression.

Taking time out to plan for wellness and weight loss, utilising easy tools and techniques to help you get and stay organised, will repay you a thousand fold in your health, and make the process of taking care of the only body you have a much easier process.

For anyone interested – here’s the lowdown on how I get organised to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fit File Food 1

1. I always plan my week in advance. One week at a time seems to work best for me. Sunday afternoon is ‘my time’. I sit quietly and look at the week ahead. I plan what I’m going to eat for breakfast, lunch, evening and snacks every day. I write down my meals in my Fit File Food Planner (coming to you soon), and I use this Food Planner to create a shopping list, recording all ingredients I will need to make all my meals on a Shop Shop app I have on my smartphone.

2. Buying groceries online can be hugely time saving. If I know I have a particularly busy week ahead, I use my shopping list to order my groceries online. However, I must admit I prefer to go to the supermarket if I can. I like to see, touch, check the fresh produce before I put it in my basket. Early Monday mornings normally finds me walking the supermarket isles, shopping list on my smartphone, buying as much of the food for the week ahead as I can. It’s a great time to shop because it’s normally quiet.

Shopping List

3. During my Sunday afternoon ‘me time” I also schedule exercise for the week ahead. I include the type of exercise I’ll do, and the days and the times I’ll do it. Again I use my Fit File for this, but a smartphone calendar, filofax, or hard copy calendar works just as well. Scheduling workouts allows me to pre-block time so that it doesn’t get taken up by other work. I set alerts on my calendar to remind me when I’m supposed to train, and when I’m particularly busy I might only book out 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night – but I always do something.

By Monday morning I normally know what I’ll be eating for the week ahead, I’ll have all the food bought and stored, I’ll have planned my exercise for the week, scheduled everything in my fit file with alerts, and I’m all set up and ready for the week. This pre-planning allows me to take care of myself – stress free.

Fit File Exercise 1

I may visit the supermarket once in the week to stock up on anything that wasn’t available during my Monday visit, and also to purchase fresh bread for my partner. But that’s it.

These are the top three tasks I do to ensure I take care of my body every week. They work for me.

Here are a few other things I also find useful:-

4. I have a supply of frozen fruit and veg at home, along with store cupboard staples such as rice, quinoa, buckwheat, lentils and beans. These ingredients provide “fall back” foods I can rely on to make smoothies, soups and healthy plant based meals when my stocks of fresh fruits and veggies are low. This avoids those food crisis moments where, in the absence of healthy food in the house, it’s easy to give in and grab a takeaway, or raid the kiddies cupboard for sweets.

5. Talking about sweets, even when you are living a healthy, plant based life, there are times when you crave something sweet. The kiddies sweet/chocolate stash is all too easy to grab if you don’t have healthy alternatives to hand. I keep store cupboard ingredients available so I can quickly make a sweet treat (for example, a chocolate smoothie or Tree of Health Squidgy Fruit and Nut Bars, or I have healthy sweet alternatives (Happy Kitchen Chocolate Brownies or Raw Health’s Coconut Energy Balls) in my cupboard. Knowing I have something nice and healthy to munch on when I do need a sweet treat means I do not need the unhealthy, fat and sugar laden alternatives.

6. Smoothies generally make up my breakfast every day. On the rare occasions I’m low on fruit and veg, I have 100% natural muesli in my storecupboard. My favourite is Into the Garden Date and Cacao Muesli. It lasts ages as I rarely have to use it, but I know it’s there as a back up. Because I’m often out early, I’ve always got airtight, leak proof containers to hand to take my smoothies out on the go. That way I know I can spend five minutes in the morning making a super smoothie, and this will keep me going right through until lunch. This is one of the most important parts of my plant based life. Smoothies set me up for the day.


7.When I’m away from home for the day, I set my alarm a few minutes earlier in the morning giving me enough time to shower, make my smoothie, make my lunch, get the rest of the household up and sorted, and then hit the road with sufficient food to keep me fueled. I then don’t have to rely on sub-standard pre-packed food from shops and service stations at lunch time. I’ve always got some healthy snacks in the car (fresh fruit, nuts and raisins, Tree of Health Nutty Balls, Raw Crackers etc..), so I never feel deprived when I’m out and about.

8. Every evening once I’ve cooked dinner (two different dinners normally – one for me, one for my partner who has an entirely different palate!), and once I’ve fed the dog, washed and tidied dishes, I’ll sit for a few moments and look at my schedule for the following day, so I know what’s coming up.. I can see what I’ll be eating, when I’m exercising, what appointments I have, the work I have to do on the business, and household chores that need sorting etc… Before bed I sort clothes I need for the following day, get food out of the freezer if necessary (for example soups I may have made in a big batch and frozen down), and have my blender clean and ready to use in the morning.

I can then get off to bed and sleep easy knowing I’m organised and ready for another busy day the following day!

These simple tips work brilliantly for me. Without getting organised I don’t think I would cope with the volume of tasks I have to do each day, and I certainly would not find the time to take care of myself properly – other priorities would always take over… Getting organised might take a little time initially, but it saves time over the course of the week, and, in fact, it creates time. As I am able to look after my body well by getting organised, I have greater levels of health and energy that allow me to spend more time awake and active, rather than lying prostrate on the sofa devoid of energy and life.

I’d love to hear what tools and tips you use to keep your health and wellness on track so please comment below!

Jenny – Founder – The Tree of Health