TOP 10 Heart Disease books

TOP 10 Heart Disease books

Written by: Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr.
Reviewed by: MyRedSandals

My cousin turned me on the Esselstyn lifestyle. Her husband, who has experienced from genetically high cholesterol, had seen many male family users die before their time due to heart condition.

Written by: Janet Brill
Reviewed by: Dr. Jonathan Dolhenty


Written by: Dean Ornish
Reviewed by: Stacey Dunn-Emke, MS, RD, CNSD

While we appreciate that Mr. Bayan took the time to comment on our work, we are concerned that inaccurate statements he has made may discourage some people from making changes in nutrition plan and lifestyle that we have proven to be lifesaving.

Written by: Dr Dean Ornish
Reviewed by: Stacey Dunn-Emke, MS, RD, CNSD

While we appreciate that Mr. Bayan took the time to comment on our work, we are concerned that inaccurate statements he has made may discourage some people from making changes in nutrition plan and lifestyle that we have proven to be lifesaving.

Written by: Russell L. Blaylock (Author), Tom Weiner (Narrator)

It is almost a cliche in this day and age for someone to ask the waiter at a Chinese restaurant ''no Msg, please'', as is the waiter''s knowing smirk in response.

Written by: Marla Heller
Reviewed by: Norma J. Stewart

I highly advise "The DASH Diet Action Plan" for anyone who is ready to enjoy wholesome food and reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Don''t waste your cash on another fad nutrition plan book. Purchase this user- friendly book basing on National Institutes of Health research.

Written by: Louis Ignarro
Reviewed by: Dan Kassell

Louis J. Ignarro, a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, has compiled the log of a discovery that continues to be proven to Prevent-even Reverse-heart Condition and Strokes and specifically describes A Proven Program for Boosting Production of the Body''s Own Wonder Drug in No More Heart Condition, St.

Written by: Arthur Agatston
Reviewed by: Wayne

Several years ago, my physician put me on the South Beach Nutrition plan after tests showed high cholesterol. Having a roll of fat around my belly didn''t help either.

Written by: Dr. Malcolm Kendrick
Reviewed by: A reader

If you''ve somehow managed to sidestep the pressure to go on statins, "The Great Cholesterol Con" will provide you with justification.

Written by: Stephen T. Sinatra, James C. Roberts, Martin Zucker
Reviewed by: Robert Sager

It''s too bad "Reverse Heart Disease Now" won''t be read by every primary care doctor and every cardiologist and every patient with heart condition, but it should be.

Written by: Al Sears M.D.
Reviewed by: Alan S

I''m 54 years old and recently had a complete examination with a cardologist. After I was done I could have opened a phamarcy with the number of prescription medications my physician gave me. Boy, was I scared. Then a buddy suggested I read a new book called, The Heart Cure by Dr.

Sears. Wow.

Written by: Thomas Moore, Mark Jenkins
Reviewed by: A Customer

I ordered "The DASH Diet for Hypertension" for three reasons: Since I taught a course in college-level diet, I am appalled at how very bad the diets of too many of us actually are. Plus I am something of a fitness nut.

Written by: Mimi Guarneri
Reviewed by: Dr. Richard G. Petty

The Laws of Health and Healing have been little by little evolving over the last century. Some procedures that worked well at times in the past seem less efficient now, while some other methods are becoming more stable and more reproducible.

Written by: Dick Quinn
Reviewed by: Jim Cox (

I would give "Left for Dead" 10 stars if I could. I experienced a major heart attack in 1989 at the age of 41. Shortly after that I came across "Left for Dead" purely by accident. It was very believable.

Written by: Dwight Lundell, Todd Nordstrom, Sarah Loukota
Reviewed by: J. Al-hashimi

Lundell is a cardiac surgeon and a scientist with 5000, cardiac surgeries under his belt. He is trying to get a message, (with plenty of science behind it) out there.

Written by: Marc Gillinov M.D., Steven Nissen M.D.
Reviewed by: kctoso

A researcher by both temperament and profession, I normally run in the other direction from such inflated publisher claims as the only guide to heart health you''ll ever need.

Written by: Kristine Anne Scordo
Reviewed by: A Customer

I recently obtained a copy of Dr. Scordo''s book Taking Control: Living with the Mitral Valve Prolapse Disease, which a buddy of the family who also suffers from Mvps recommended to me. Let me tell you, normally it takes me weeks to finish a book, but I couldn''t put this one down.

Written by: Robert E. Kowalski
Reviewed by: Jesse James

Robert Kowalski, author of The Blood Pressure Cure, said that in order to lower your blood pressure without medications, you should first know your blood pressure. What I actually advise is a home blood pressure track. It''s no more expensive than bathroom scales, he said.

Written by: Cheryl Durante, James F. Durante, John Furiasse MD
Reviewed by: D. R. Schryer

My wife experienced from mitral valve prolapse for several years until we found out the many healing benefits of appropriate nutrient supplementation. Now that we take chelated magnesium and coenzyme Q10 (coq10) daily for heart health, her Mvp problems have disappeared.

Written by: Robert E. Kowalski
Reviewed by: big farm

This is truly and impressive book. A well-written, practical guide for lowering your cholesterol. I am an Md and my cholesterol before was Total: 278, Ldl 188, Hdl 36, Trigs.

221. I followed his program, and after just under the 8 weeks, Total 204, Ldl 119, Hdl 50, Trigs 147.

Written by: Kilmer McCully, Martha McCully
Reviewed by: D. R. Schryer

For the past few decades we have been told a dogma that has recently been shown by research to be not true: that the major produce of heart condition is cholesterol.

Written by: Michael Ozner
Reviewed by: Patrick Garner

Think of this: Greek men have 90% less heart attacks than American men. Yes, I said 90% less. Statistics like that have led scientists to spend more than 20 years studying the Mediterranean nutrition plan, Dr.

Written by: Marc Silver
Reviewed by: A Customer

I read "Success with Heart Failure" at the suggestion of the Chf group at Loma Linda International Heart Institute.

Written by: Mehmet C. Oz, Dean Ornish
Reviewed by: Sandra D. Peters

What is impressive about "Healing from the Heart" is the author''s concepts of healing both heart and mind as he points out just how closely the two are interconnected. The writing style is one that will grasp the reader''s attention from start to finish.

Written by: Richard D. Moore M.D. Ph.D.
Reviewed by: A Customer


Written by: M.D., Marc Wallack, Jamie Colby
Reviewed by: T. Whalen

Disclaimer: Marc and Jamie are buddies, but that is why I had the privilege to obtain a pre-print of this marvelous book.

Written by: William Davis
Reviewed by: Neil Whiteaker

Finally a cutting edge book that answers all the questions your physician or cardiologist either didn''t have the time to tell you in a short office visit, or much more likely had no idea about themselves.

Written by: Duane Graveline
Reviewed by: Joel M. Kauffman

This book focuses on the side-effects of statin medications used to lower cholesterol or Ldl-cholesterol.

Written by: Stephen T. Sinatra, James C. Roberts
Reviewed by: Jeri Zerr

Be confident to order the Updated Sinatra System (paperback) published March 2011 - the protocols were revised and improved.

Written by: Elmer M. Cranton
Reviewed by: George Stancliffe

I''m not joking. My father is an Md and was skeptic when my mother (herself an Rn) insisted on having Chelation Treatment over 10 years ago. My mother was not far from the exit from this life from many various ailments (including arteries which were 90% clogged).

Written by: Jay S. Cohen
Reviewed by: D. R. Schryer

Cohen''s book does the public a awesome solution in discussing the importance of magnesium for maintaining a healthy level of blood pressure. However, as Dr.

Written by: Stephen T. Sinatra
Reviewed by: Dr Tedde M. Rinker

Stephen Sinatra has been an outspoken leader among physicians in the country on raising awareness of the relationship of supplements to cardiac health, in particular Carnitine and Coenzyme Q-10.

Written by: John McArthur
Reviewed by: ForTheQuinn

This is an simple to realize book written in laymen''s terms with no health jargon. It''s an impressive resource for dietary guidelines about the use of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and it''s very simple to follow.

Written by: Mildred Seelig, Andrea Rosanoff
Reviewed by: George Eby

Drs. Seelig and Rosanoff have pinpointed The Lethal Flaw in American diet and medicine, that being chronic, culturally-induced magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency/calcium excess causes 90% of all lethal heart attacks, and causes more disease than anyone can imagine.

Written by: Steve S Ryan PhD, Patti J Ryan
Reviewed by: CB

I am a 50 yr old male who has had Afib for 5 years now and I advise "Beat Your A-Fib" for anyone with Afib or for family users who can benefit from a better understanding of what a loved one is experiencing.

Written by: Editors of Reader''s Digest
Reviewed by: Stewart Stryker

My wife and I have found plenty of tasty recipes from "Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure", even though one of us is a picky eater. We''ve put plenty of bookmarks in this after finding recipes we like. Instructions could be written a little clearer, but a careful read will resolve that.

Written by: John McArthur
Reviewed by: J Harding

I actually appreciated the fact that "Heart Disease Prevention and Reversal" was written for time-poor people looking to gain knowledge rapidly. The book is written in a concise, data rich manner. When seeking data, I prefer authors who get to the point.

Written by: Julian M. Whitaker
Reviewed by: Kenneth W. Clifford

Early heart condition runs in my family, and last year I got a calcium score done and scored rather high for my age. I instantly became one of the worried well as Dr. Whitaker puts it.

Written by: Martha Gulati, Sherry Torkos
Reviewed by: Just in nyc

I read "Saving Women''s Hearts" and found it to be actually a awesome read. I would reccomend this for anyone who is seeking a nice how to guide on what to do to make some positive changes in order to avoid some of the risks that we all face.

Written by: Molly Rossiter
Reviewed by: Norma Lehmeierhartie

The Anti-inflammation Nutrition plan for Dummies contains much advice on inflammation.

how inflammation can contribute to condition, anti-inflammatory diet, recipes, anti-inflammatory supplements and herbs and more.

Written by: Valerie Greene
Reviewed by: Nancy R. Johnson

As a stroke survivor myself, I am thrilled with this very informational, inspirational, moving account of Valerie Greene''s journey.

Written by: Mark Houston
Reviewed by: D. Wong

An impressive book for people of all ages to use who wants to prevent heart condition and living a healthy Lifestyle"What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Heart Disease" tells what is the underlining produce of heart condition.

Written by: Ph.D. Diana M. Schneider
Reviewed by: Alice Troxel

1the Coumadin (warfarin ) Help Book is a very simple to read, nicely laid out guide for anyone managing the anticoagulant drug Coumadin. The dietary and tracking guidelines are understandable and she places the emphasis right where it belongs, on consistency.

Written by: Kilmer McCully
Reviewed by: D. R. Schryer

One of the most tragic health blunders of the past few decades is the wrong dogma that coronary artery condition -- and resultant heart attacks -- are caused primarily by cholesterol and "artery, clogging fat.

Written by: David Carroll, Wahida S. Karmally
Reviewed by: Debra

This book has a motivating format for controlling hypertonia and maintaining weight. The Dash nutrition plan data is wonderful---the food is delicious and healthful. I can honestly see myself eating this way the rest of my life.

The data on stress relief and workout is also very well-written.

Written by: Michael Ozner
Reviewed by: Mercy

In "Heart Attack Proof" Dr Michael Ozner offers evidence on how we can prevent and even reverse heart condition by making a few nutritious changes in nutrition plan and following a healthy lifestyle.

Written by: Maggie Lichtenberg

I purchased "The Open Heart Companion" for my Mother who is the caregiver for my Father who had open heart surgery 8 weeks ago. She has stated to me that the book has been useful to her. It has given her perspective and guidance.

Written by: Stephen T. Sinatra, Jan Sinatra
Reviewed by: D. R. Schryer

Cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, is best know for his impressive book The Coenzyme Q10 Phenomenon which discusses in detail the role of Coenzyme Q10 (coq10) in maintaining a strong, healthy heart. While Coq10 is indeed essential for heart health so is the less well known nutrient L-carnitine.

Written by: Charles R. R. Morris
Reviewed by: Mellanie True Hills

The Surgeons is an intriguing glimpse into the lives and work of the heart surgeons at New York''s Columbia-presbyterian Hospital, one of the world''s top cardiac surgery centers. Author Charles Morris offers an intimate look at the work of these virtuosos who hold lives in their hands every day.

Written by: Eric R. Braverman, Dasha Braverman
Reviewed by: Robert Swann

This is an interesting book, and difficult to believe. It could use more case histories. Surely, they are available.

Also, the case histories included do not seem to follow the supplement program recommended. The reasons for such deviations, when not obvious, could be detailed.

Written by: Barbara H Roberts
Reviewed by: John Wagoner of Davis

Barbara Roberts''s book, The Truth About Statins makes a nice contribution in that it bolsters the credibility of all the critics of Statins when a M. , who is also a researcher and administrator is critical of existing health dogma, at least as far as she goes.

Written by: Mayo Clinic
Reviewed by: Jasbir S. Deol

Havig practised Medicine/surgery for 50 + years, I have come to one conclusion, Three times. Prevention, Prevention & Prevention. Mayo Clinic Foundation is one the Seven Wonders of Life.

Their dissemination of Health knowldge with particular emphasis on Prevention is matchless.

Written by: Inc. BarCharts
Reviewed by: Drinda L. Dobolek, CMT

I teach anatomy in a technical school. I find these diagrams to be very helpful for students to have as study references in their notebooks. I use them extensively as visual aids.

Awesome quality. Very pleased with my buy.

Written by: Alan L. Watson
Reviewed by: M. Eldridge

An amazon reviewer of 21 Days to a Healthy Heart by Al Watson is asking, How is Maria doing? (maria is the case study in the book. ) I can answer that question because I am Maria. Seven years after the publication of 21 Days, I am still eating an Atkins-style high fat nutrition plan.

Written by: Marschall S. Runge, George A. Stouffer, Cam Patterson, Frank H. Netter
Reviewed by: Samar Sheth

The book is very well organized. As it states is a awesome overview for health students, and interns with a basic interest in cardiology. As with all Netter Text the figures and diagrams were impressive.

Written by: Aggie Casey, Herbert Benson
Reviewed by: I. Jaime

Let me begin by stating that the amount of knowledge that you already have regarding hypertonia will greatly affect how much you gain from reading "Harvard Medical School Guide to Lowering Your Blood Pressure".

Written by: Cleo Hutton, RN, Cleo Hutton
Reviewed by: Linda M. Wisman

After a Stroke: 300 Hints for Making Life Simpler is just what the title suggests. Cleo Huttona, 12 year stroke survivor, shares what she has found out during the course of her own stroke recovery.

Written by: American Heart Association

Heart condition poses the greatest health threat that women in the United States face: One in every three women will die from it each year. But that doesn''t have to be the case. Heart condition is not an inevitable part of growing older.

Written by: Health Research Staff
Reviewed by: JBP

This book is not a nutrition plan plan. It is a list of 101 food that everyone should eat on a daily and weekly basis. Not only will these meals help enhance your health, they will also work well to prevent issues in the first place.

Written by: Todd J. Cohen
Reviewed by: P. J. Ryan

Released in 2010, this is a timely reference guide for patients, but there''s still plenty of health terms to deal with. So, it still requires an educated reader, someone who is seriously researching heart condition for themselves or a loved one.

Written by: Rippe
Reviewed by: Dorraine M. Rooney

This was a awesome read for anyone who needs to know more about the heart.

Written by: The Children''s Heart Foundation
Reviewed by: P. Hang

Quoting from the Children''s Heart Foundation:''it''s My Heart'' is distributed completely free to mother and father, loved ones, patients, health care workers and congenital heart defect support team leaders via a generous grant from the Medtronic Foundation.

Reviewed by: D. R. Schryer

Animals don''t get heart attacks but people do because most animals manufacture vitamin C in their bodies but humans do not have this opportunity, and vitamin C is Essential for strong, healthy arteries, as well as for a healthy immunity.

Written by: Brett C. Sheridan MD, Tracey J. F. Colella RN, Suzette Turner RN, Bernard S. Goldman MD
Reviewed by: Ginny D. Dudek

This book has all the stuff you need to know, if you''re going to have heart surgery. The charts support the written data very well. There were no surprises in the post-operative period, because we knew what to hope.

I expect they will do a new book for valve surgery too.

Written by: Nora Greenway
Reviewed by: MamaSylvia

The usual recommendations: follow the Dash nutrition plan, eat more fruits and vegetables, cut down on salt and sugar, lose weight. But she included specific meals to increase intake of potassium, magnesium, and calcium, and suggests stevia instead of artificial sweeteners.

Written by: Patricia Bragg, Paul C. Bragg
Reviewed by: MO

I like Bragg''s method to health. Some people criticize their books for an almanack like structure. So what? If the helpful information is there, and it can be realized, I don''t care if they present it like a menu in a restaurant.

Bragg''s stuff operates. It''s that easy. It operates.