How I make It Works!, work better for me!

How I make It Works!, work better for me!

Workouts & Recipes

You can achieve your goals with It Works! With the addition of diet and exercise you can have ever lasting results!!

Without a change of diet and/or exercise, your results will last 2-6 months. It Works! has amazing motivational tools to help you succeed! You have nothing to lose but your insecurities. Get started now!

When I first heard of this product that could slim you down with just a wrap, I was skeptical! I still see before and afters that amaze me so much that I can''t believe in just a few short months, this person was able to reach their goal! Now for the truth, this person didn''t just get those results all from It Works, this person also dedicated time and effort with diet and exercise to maximize their wrap results! The wraps themselves do not help lose weight, they tighten, tone and firm the area to create a slimmer you. The Fat Fighters and Thermofit got them started on losing weight, the addition of diet and exercise maximized those pounds lost. So you can have results for up to 6 months or the rest of your life, it is all up to you!!

Cardio is a great place to start for beginners. It will help get your body moving without exertion or injury. Don''t worry about speed at this point, just getting out and moving will help you get to a better you! You can find a beginner walking plan here!

Working on Muscles

When you get into an exercise routine, you don''t want to do everything cardio. Eventually you will need to start working your muscles. This will help you become stronger. Then you can take that strength and work into running! Here are some great basic exercises to get you started!!