How Does Stretch Mark Cream Work?

How Does Stretch Mark Cream Work?

stretch mark cream
stretch mark cream

Stretch mark creams work because they consist of a combination of ingredients which support each other in making the skin softer, more hydrated, stronger and smoother. Stretch marks is scarring on the epidermis when the tissues just below the skin grows faster than the surface skin. Scar tissues causes small tears in the epidermal surface that continue to grow creating stretch marks on the skin’s surface.

Stretch mark removal creams are favored by men and women because not only does it diminish stretch marks, but they also moisturize, elasticize and hydrate your skin. Stretch mark creams help in the production of the protein collagen and elastin in the epidermis. This is because they contain powerful vitamins, antioxidants and lipids to correct and prevent stretch marks.

The additional impact of using stretch mark creams include:
o reduction in the appearance of stretch marks
o reduces discoloration
o boosts collagen production
o evens skin tone
o removes and evens out deep furrows and striations

Key ingredients that are very effective and are a part of stretch mark cream compounds include Vitamin E. Vitamin E has proven to be beneficial in the healing of the skin surface and reduce stretch mark scarring. This vitamin aides in regenerating the skin above and the scar tissues below the epidermis with successful fading of the stretch marks. Vitamin E provides firmness, yet smoothness to the skin, both at the new stretch mark sites and as a preventative measure.

Other vitamins which will work in stretch mark creams includes Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 has been shown to heal cellular damage in the skin, especially for stretch marks. Another accompaniment to healing stretch marks which is used in popular stretch mark creams is Vitamin A or tretinoin. Treating early signs of stretch marks is where this natural ingredient is best used. Tretinoin has the ability to get rid of topical dead skin cells and reach below the skin to help produce more collagen.

Another ingredient that is used in stretch mark creams is made from olive oil extractions and it is known as Squalene Oil. This oil is a very close cousin to our natural skin oils and is quite potent in regenerating skins cells. Squalene Oil is an essential antioxidant in the prevention and the healing treatment of striae scars in men, women and children.

Stretch marks are caused by different effects on the skin such as large weight loss, ultraviolet damage to skin cells and tissues, illness, surgery and keloid scarring. An additional effective ingredient used in stretch mark creams is Aloe vera extract. Aloe vera has long been touted as a great topical get or lotion in keeping the skin smooth, toned and moisturized. Including Aloe vera extract within stretch mark creams is a home run in promoting skin regeneration and reducing the appearance of striae.