Iron Benefits For Hair Loss

Iron Benefits For Hair Loss

Did you know that hair growth is closely linked with the consumption of daily nutrients? For women who are doing extra strict diet and have a menstrual cycle is irregular, tend to have hair loss problems.

The problem then she lost a lot of iron that cause hair loss. This condition can be treated with iron intake is adequate.

Wilma Bergfeld, MD, a dermatologist and director Dermatopalogi (knowledge about the causes and effects of skin disease and kelainannya) and dermatological research Cleveland Clinic, the U.S. warned that women who lose weight by 9 pounds or more within 3 months, tend to experience hair loss . He suggested that women should not weight more than 0:45 bada kg per week.

According Zemtsoz Alexander, MD, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, USA, needs a normal human iron per day for 18 mg. Iron must be supported by other elements such as vitamin C, which accelerate the absorption of iron into the body.

Bergferd Wilma also stated that the product does not shampoo or conditioner can help hair growth. “These products can not reach the skin layer hides, where the roots of the hair is. They can not penetrate deep scalp 0.5 cm or more to reach the hair follicle, “says Wilma. That’s why he recommends that women get iron from food. Iron found in beans, brown rice, caisim, spinach, cassava leaves and avocado.

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