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Bitcoin how to double spend

bitcoin how to double spend

risk of getting cheated even with this configuration but it is rare and relatively random. Mining fees are optional provided you meet the following conditions: - Your transaction is smaller than 1000 bytes. An unattended coin change machine at a laundromat, for instance, would be the worst case scenario for the merchant. Option #2: Child-pays-for-parent, create another transaction from the same wallet you created the first and include a transaction fee that is big enough to pay for both. TL;DR : Double spending won't speed up confirmations if you forget to pay the transaction fee.

When miners add transactions to blocks, they sort them according their priority so your transactions priority determines whether it will be added to the next block. So if you meet the conditions above (chances are that your transaction will you can choose not to pay a miners fee. The 51 attack that would reverse confirmed transactions is so expensive and thus such a remote chance of it occurring, it is not even of concern for a typical merchant. McKelvie noted, however, that its best not to be apathetic towards problems like this: That being said, the Internet is a very big space and the Heartbleed vulnerability was out in the wild for two years, so issues like double. However, for merchants and organisations that rely on a large number of small transactions, this could be a major concern that threatens the viability of bitcoin as a payment method. But with the network having such a distributed nature, theres no way to enforce a change to this unless it is made within the core client itself.

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